love heals pain

he asks about my scars
because there’s a girl in his
class who has the same
ones and he wants to
understand why anyone
would do that
i tell him that
i didn’t slice open
my wrist
to end the pain
i cut it open to
release it
it felt like the pain
was living in the cells
of my blood
and if i spilled
enough of it
maybe i wouldn’t hurt anymore
but that was my reason
and you are my reason
not to anymore
pain doesn’t heal with more pain
it heals with love


2 thoughts on “love heals pain

  1. I feel that although cutting was an “extreme” it was a coping mechanism that I learned on my own at the age of seven. It was a distraction from my inner confusion and turmoil because I could finally identify the pain and no it was temporary.

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    • My experience was much the same and mostly for the same reasons. I’ve recovered and relapsed a handful of times but I have a better understanding about why I dealt with things this way and 2 very beautiful reasons to try my best to put these habits behind me. Thank you for sharing with me xx

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