Butterfly Lullabies

A new place with new faces
I’m a little nervous I admit to
Sipping my beer in the corner
Peeling the label from the bottle 
Looking everywhere and nowhere
Just imagine me naked he replies
Eyebrows dancing suggestively
Teeth shining from the shadows
Now I’m totally freaking out
Butterflies mambo with anxiety in
my tummy
I feel a sheen of sweat spread across
my back
I contemplate its visibility to others
Shaking my head at him
My nose crinkles
My lips Elvis curl and purse
Isn’t it imagine them naked?
He laughs out loud and draws attention
to our table
I feel my face flame with embarrassment
Oooh sounds kinky he winks
Whatever floats your boat missy
I roll my eyes and smile at him
You’re terrible and absolutely no help
How are we even friends?

Bumping my shoulder into his
I lay my head there and look at
the stage
Waiting for the first performer of the night to
read their words
You know you love me
And just like that his laugh and love have lulled
my anxious butterflies to sleep


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