Silhouette of Humanity

we are human
choking with boredom
dancing with smoke filled bottles of
empty content
while meditating on our medications
and the music is silent
a forgotten whisper
faltering under our own weight
fiddling away on the strings that bind us to
the catastrophe of a burnt out planet
an ode to the reptiles who learned to
walk on land
weak and foolish
insanely laughing as we plod through life
through fields of our own destruction
and nothing is harvested but the
torment of shortcomings and mediocrity
fueled by anger and frustration
out of rhythm                    out of rhyme
convulsing in rotation
it’s all about the human race
the fraudulent gleaming of self-importance
copies substituting poorly for originality
in a landscape of banality
echoes of truth distorted over generations
turning white in the emptiness of
a black background
silhouettes with human shape
we are human


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