Talking with Me, Myself & You

No more blowing me off
You’re moving back so you better
be ready to write together — I imagine if this was in a text it would be followed by no less than 7 !s

looking out the window at the squirrel running across the ledge of my fence (could my ADD be defined any better than being distracted by a squirrel) while washing dishes
Why do you even want to
write with me
I’m so totally just me and boring

I think totally just you has something
people need to hear
And I want to be a part of that special
And you could never be boring —casually drops a compliment like this without realizing how much it will freak me out –

makes weird face he can’t see through the phone — I dunno

I do — gets a very serious tone— please just… just say yes  — he must really want this

dries my hands and then rubs my face with them (crap still a little damp)–
Grrrrr… you drive me crazy you know
Can I think it over — or over think it like I’m better at doing

Just say yes and I promise it will be
amazing — he seems so sure of himself

I’m only saying yes to the amazing because I love amazing.  — oh gosh what have I agreed to


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