Why Yellow?

Why yellow? Why is that color so important to you?

It’s bright. It’s happy. It’s the warm sun. Smiling open face sunflowers. Dots of happiness spread out across the earth.

But beyond all of that it’s…a second chance. I had a yellow kitchen growing up. It was small. A window above the double farmhouse sink. Worn, dark hardwood floors. Light, white, lace curtains blowing on a breeze. That dream kitchen became a nightmare. Spaghetti sauce thrown against the wall. My mother smacked to the floor. Anger and violence seeped into every surface. Reality annihilated that ideal bubble. I just want a second chance at that dream. A chance to bring it into a new reality. A better reality. The reality it was meant for. That we were meant for. Yellow isn’t just a color to me. It’s so much more. It’s everything.


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