She Pleads For Him

On her hands and knees
Limbs trembling
Her desire coating the
inside of her thighs
Visions of him filling
The slow movements of
pushing into her
His hips flexing forward
in just the right way
to find that spot inside
of her that
reduces her to a
puddle of satisfaction
The sweet torture of his
body retreating from
The sounds and sensations
play out in her mind
She’s overcome and already
so close to falling blissfully
over the edge and
He hasn’t even touched her
Content to stand behind
her and get his fill
of her body on full
No longer can she calmly
Want is consuming her
Racing along every single cell
in her flushed and
overheated body
She turns her head
and her eyes catch his
Her tongue peeks out
and wets her lips
she pleads
Please don’t make me wait
I need you now


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