Happy Birthday Baby Brother

Our Smiles

Today, my sweet
baby brother, is the
day you came
into my life
The day you graced
my world with
your big blue
eyes and
blonde hair
full of curls
We’ve held hands
and shared laughs
and you’ve saved my
I’ll never forget that
That you saved my
I’ve loved you like
you came from my body
I think perhaps you
were born from
my heart
It knew I would need
you with me to
make it through
That I would need you
to save me
so that I could be
there to save you
I’ll watch your back
if you watch mine

It’s still true you know
Today, little brother,
is your birthday and I
just wanted you to
I’m glad you were born into
this world-into my world
I’ve still got your back
I love you

Happy Birthday ❤


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