Experience Art

If you ever want to see art-
just look at the world
around you.
The formation of
clouds and rock.
The sky painted in
endless combinations
as the sun rises and sets.
The multitude of
colors found
in the leaves-
in the animals-
in the

If you ever want to listen to art-
just sit with a person
and ask them their story.
Watch the way
they form the words
and how they fall from
their lips.
Pay attention
to the words
they choose.
The accents they speak
them with.
The events along
their life’s timeline
they share,
Or don’t,
As they cherry pick
those moments
they feel define them.

If you ever want to touch art-
hold a new born baby.
Pure and
by the world.
Or a handful of
and seen only
as weeds
and not the
unwished wishes
they really are.
Hold your lover’s hand
while they sleep.
Dreaming dreams
you hope to be shared
when their eyes crack open
and meet yours
at the start of
another day

If you ever want to know art-
to truly experience it
use your heart.


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