Awsum Date

I went on a date
with a guy who
drove a green Mustang
with a license plate
that said
It was a blind date
set up by
a friend I never talked
to again
He talked about himself
a lot
and his ex girlfriend
who he was totally over
because she was
a real bitch
and he was looking for a
nicer girl now
I seemed like
a nice girl
I had a great smile
that apparently resided
somewhere around my
He talked with his
mouth full,
Didn’t like southern accents,
Really liked tall blondes
from the way he was checking
out the waitress
I regretted letting him pick
me up
I was stuck with no
Picking at food I couldn’t
and thinking awsum
should’ve been booger
I told him when he dropped
me off
There was no second

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