When it starts getting
cold like this
I remember what it
was like shivering in
the backseat of my
Certain that the passing
traffic could hear my
teeth chatter in
the darkened lot
I’d zip my hoodie up to
my nose
Bury my hands in my
and relive summer
Count down the seconds
in the moonlight
Soon enough the sun
would rise and I
would be a normal teen
living a normal life
pretending like everyone
else in the normal world
When it starts getting cold
like this I remember
how intensely my bones
How they seemed to ice over
and at any movement
could fracture
like the icicles they’d
I remember the promise I
made to myself then
A two word determined vow
Never Again
When it starts getting cold
like this I remember
how far I’ve come
from the terrified homeless
teen freezing in
her car
praying out into the universe
not to be seen
and counting down minutes
with the moon


7 thoughts on “Homeless

  1. I understand. I spent a good many winters out there. Once under a sheet of plastic covering a freezer box lined with newspaper pages. Our past defines our abilty to persevere in the face of adversity in the futue. Every one of our struggles we get through is a One-Up to be used on the next level. Love your poem.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve always considered the past to be like a character builder for dealing with whatever the world/universe throws at us in the future also. I’m happy that you are no longer spending winters freezing beneath plastic. I know in my own life it’s helped me up appreciate the life I have now. Thank you for your comment xx


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