It Wasn’t Easy For Me

Was it difficult to
me walk away
Stronger than when we first
Your hold on me no
longer as tight
The little girl I once
Now a powerful woman
able to defeat you
Was it hard to watch
the world you built
inside my mind
burn to ash
The structure of darkness
you tried to imprison
me in reduced to
Did it blind you
to see me bathed in
My armor glinting in
the sun
and my scars beautiful
for the world to see
Because, you see,
from where I stood
No longer chained up
and tormented
Victoriously brandishing
the worst you did to
Exposing all I felt for
a time I should keep
secret for fear of
judgment and criticism
From where I stood
head raised
jaw set in determination
Standing above you in
Watching what you tortured
me in
meet its demise,
well that,
was like looking at a work
of art
Breathless and
It was truly an out of
body experience
watching you grow
and smaller still
until nothing of
you remained
What was it like
for you I wonder
to be destroyed by
someone you thought
you ruined
because it wasn’t easy
for me to fight
But it was so
completely worth


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