Hiya☺ My surgery went well. It ended up being 6 hours instead of the 4 and then I was glued back together. I stayed 2 nights in the hospital but I am now home and resting. My first night after surgery was supposed to be my most painful night but I was able to make it through without the use of the PCA (patient-controlled analgesia). I think that was due to the anesthesiologist performing a nerve block at both hips before my surgery. I was numb until early Wednesday morning which made dealing with the pain a lot easier. I mostly just had a lot of cramping. And apparently coming out of anesthesia all I was concerned with was how much my nose itched. Who knew it would cause it to itch that much? I still have to take everything easy and try my best to be a good patient. I’m sore and slow. I’m in and out of sleep a lot more than I realize. I blink and hours have passed but I’m healing and already feel close to my normal self. It feels a bit like a dream that I’m finally through this stage and I know I’ll only continue to improve and feel better from here on out.

I’d like to thank all of you who have kept me in your thoughts and prayers. My friends who have texted and called to check in on me. It really means a lot to me. I know in this space of the internet we are limited in how we know each other but I thank all of you for taking time out of your own personal lives to think about me in mine. ☺ I’m one lucky girl to have so many awesome people care about her. The little girl inside of me that was always searching for that sort of caring is all giggles because of you amazing people. Hugs to you all xx

P.S. I hope to be back to posting soon. When my mind isn’t so cloudy from medication and naps.

Yikes! Post op selfie🤕 


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