I’ll Be Okay, Momma

My mom has called me four
times today
Six times yesterday
We’ve repeated the same
too many times to
All while avoiding
what we
really want to
She’s concerned about
me as the countdown
winds down
Her mother’s history
haunts her
and she’s worried
that I’ll be a
repeat of that
I can’t find the words
to assure her this
time that I’ll
be okay
I’ve told her I’m stronger
than she realizes
but I know those words
aren’t enough
She’s looking for
100% guarantee
that I’ll come out
on the other side of all
of this
And I don’t have that to
give her
So we sit on the phone
Sometimes silently
listening to each other breath
Or she tells me again
about the small town
gossip back home
I think she just needs to know
I’m here
while I’m still here
My mom has called me
four times today
and I can hear the fear
that she won’t utter
in her voice
So I hold the phone
in reassuring silence
and try to convince her
with my presence on
the other end of
the line
that I’ll be okay


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