Thinking on Paper

We’re such a silly
thinking ourselves so
when at the core we
all fundamentally the
When did questioning which
lives matter become
a trending thing?
Hash tagged and Facebook posted
Shouldn’t that be basic human
To care about those around
All lives
regardless of
religious belief or lack of
sexual orientation…
The endless list we use
to segregate ourselves from
Why are we so divided?
When dissected and examined
we’re all the same
A group of breathing mammals
trying to make sense of
life and death
Grasping to come to grips with
this spinning ball of
That circles a burning out
that will one day leave us
as cold as we
leave each other
We’re all suffering to the end
Why not hold on and
make it through together?
But that’s just my own
individual thought.
I won’t be hash tagging it
Facebook posting it for likes
Although I dropped it here
so not much difference
Just making room in my
The words
The questions
The confusion
needed an out and this was
the place for it
I’m human after all
I don’t really have to make sense

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