Bruno Cantalano-Travellers

“When we travel , we leave even unconscionably ,parts of us in the places , our vibrations , sounds , words, don’t get lost in the space instead they increase in the place and stay there timelessly. Or it is just the places that are steeling from us our lives and souls parts which still invisible to us.”


3 thoughts on “Bruno Cantalano-Travellers

  1. Frances Bruno Catalano is so great. I fist came across his work in a sculpture he did in France for the Refugees. It symbolised the vacuum created by being forced to leave your home land, your life, your people. The sentiment was so strong. Absolutely beautiful. His sculptures all are. But that particular one in France left its mark on me a little. In the words of Bukowski: “Now something so sad has hold of us that the breath leaves and we can’t even cry.”

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