The Short of Me

my voice is low and full of
my southern upbringing
my skin is inked
and my curls are always
i have a cup of
coffee almost every morning
and two on mondays
i never leave the house
without a pen
but i don’t consider myself
a writer
i get excited about finding
old books
and having conversations
with strangers
i like to splash
barefoot in puddles
and watch sunshine
create silhouettes on my
bedroom walls
i appreciate the beauty
of art
of music
of people
the words i can’t find
to describe myself
can usually be found in the
lyrics i replay
i devour books and
dark chocolate
my mind races and i’m
constantly in a hurry to
keep up
i let people in but am
always in fear of
what they will see in
and that is just a bit
of my 5ft
crazy hot mess


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