At The Next Stop

I won’t continue to carry
you into my future
Somewhere along the
way you attached yourself
to my shadow
and I’ve been driving you
along with me since
You buried your
words in the quiet
graveyard of my
And I’ve let their
ghosts haunt me for
too long
You’ve been an irritating
backseat passenger in
my life’s road trip
A constant reminder
of how love can hurt
and mame
and I can’t bear to
listen to you any longer
I’m abandoning you
in the next town
without apology
There won’t be any
parting hugs or
promises to keep in
I’m leaving you in this
one stop light town
and never looking back
I’ve carried
you for too long
You memory convincing
me that I’m weak
Fragile and tainted
But everyday I remember
my strength
and realize I’m the driver
of this life
I will no longer carry
This is where you get


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