’74 Camaro Restoration

I couldn’t reach the
or see above the dash
but I dreamed every night
of taking my uncle’s car
for a drive
He would joke and say
that when I was finally
the adult I was pretending to be
I could
He died in a house
fire when I was 8
I remember watching the flames
through the trees
I could hear my dad screaming
at firefighters to let
him go inside to get him
Just a few minutes
He knew exactly where
he would be
I didn’t go to the funeral
I was too young
despite my show at
His car sat for years
Damaged from the fire
We sat damaged by
his death
We needed time
to heal
The years passed
I finally did grow into
the adult I was
rushing into
My brother recently shared
with me a photo
My uncle’s car being
His memory thriving
years after he’s been
I still dream of driving
his car
Taking him up on
his promise
I’m a grown up now
Uncle Ronnie
but I still don’t think
I can reach those pedals
or see over the dash

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