Childhood Paths

We somehow went our separate ways
Around our second year of Latin
Your parents split up and
your mom moved away
Taking you with her
You started liking blondes
and cigarettes then
We passed each other in
the halls
Occasionally said hi
You dropped out junior year
No one saw it coming
Your potential snorted up
your nose
I suffered through
Moved myself off to
Started my adult life
or tried to
You developed a habit for
heroin and prison
My mother would update
me on your life
While tip toeing around
my own dysfunction
I think about us now
When I should be sleeping
Two poor children
clinging to dreams in
a deteriorating tree house
Starting out on the same bumpy
Splitting at the fork
Where would we be if
you had held my hand
or if I had grasped yours
a little tighter
Would I have been enough
to save you
Or would you have
pulled me under with you


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