I Wish You Could Hear Me

Your name builds
in my lungs
And I can’t help
but to speak it
out loud


curiously missing

is there a way out of this mess
we’ve made?
a way back to
each other?
an end to all of
this loneliness?
is there…a break in
the silence?

Lex- 09March2018

Today is a day to celebrate you a little more than normal. You are a beautiful soul, a resilient heart, a gorgeous bright light in a very dark world. I’m fortunate to call you a friend and to have a few of my life’s moments enriched by your presence. I love you girl and I hope you never doubt what a gift your life is to the people who come to know you and to those who have yet to meet you. Enjoy your birthday. I hope it is filled with all good things. Lots of love and hugs.

《broken \ beautiful》

she rages and she roars
her waves scream out an invitation
come in and see what i am capable of doing
to broken things
and i accept without question
my knees sinking to her sandy floor
her icy waters snatching the last of
my breath
in that moment i’m not
worried about my clothes,
my life, or my warmth
i am just wanting her to make my
broken beautiful